Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Student-Centered Learning (Advantages and Disadvantages on the Student)

In this reflection, I will continue talking about the student-centered concept. Student-centered learning has advantages and disadvantages for both students and teachers, but here I will discuss this issue from the student perspective. As we know, in this approach, the responsibility of learning is basically depends on the student. Student-centered learning focuses on how students learn, what they experience, what they bring to the classroom and how they engage.

There are many advantages for student-centered approach on the student. First of all, students learn how to learn through discovery, inquiry, and problem solving. Beside developing student learning, they also develop other skills that will help them through their life, such as: the communicational and team work skills, since they are cooperating, negotiating and working all together in the class. In addition, they develop tolerance, understanding and respect of other’s opinions by listening carefully to each other. Since all the students are involved in the learning process, they become more confident and independent.

In contrast, there are many disadvantages of this approach as well. The students might find the problem of misconception, when they prepare themselves for the class. They sometimes read some ideas or concepts and construct the wrong knowledge in their minds. This why, it would be better if the teacher explain the materials on the CD, or give the students the material in a clear and easy way. Moreover, some of the students do not like such way in learning, because they love to learn in alternative ways and styles like what the teacher does in the traditional classes. Furthermore, some students do not have the team work skills. This why, they may complain about being on teams. I suggest giving the student some session to teach them the team work skills at the beginning of the semester to overcome such problem.

 I think that the student centered learning can be really an opportunity for those students who love to be fully involved in the learning and teaching processes in the class.

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